Birch Bay State Park’s Summer Interpretive Programs kick off this weekend!


Saturday, May 16th at 7 PM the Friends of Birch Bay State Park invite you to the first  2015 Interpretive Program held in the Wildlife Theater in the upper day use area of Birch Bay State Park.
(A Discover Pass Required for Parking in Birch Bay State Park)

Beyond the Beach


Join Ingrid Enschede, Program Specialist for the Birch Bay Watershed and Aquatic Resources Management District (BBWARM), and discover what lies beyond the beach in the Birch Bay watershed.  Learn about the unique landscapes within this 17,000-acre watershed and fabulous upland locations to explore when visiting Birch Bay.  Ingrid will share stories about what local community members and organizations are doing to protect the Birch Bay watershed and the water flowing into Birch Bay.

Sponsored by BP Cherry Point Refinery



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