A letter to the BBCC Members from Tammy Pearce

Dear Fellow BBCC Members:
I want to thank the folks who voted me into service for the newly elected Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors position.

After the election a detailed sheet of director requirements was emailed to all involved and we were informed of the duties and events we all are expected to participate in.  I believe that making it a requirement that each and every Board Member must volunteer for something is a great turn of events as in years past it was always a handful that volunteered. This will spread out the duties and in turn not overload the people that do.

However, due to my schedule this coming year ranging from two surgeries, upcoming on site catering, and the Birch Bay Music Festival our President Jeff Carrington and I couldn’t find a place to plug me in, so regretfully I elected to step down to allow someone else the opportunity who is able to commit fully.

I am very disappointed that I am not on the front line of such a monumental year, but as always, I will always support the BBCC and will volunteer where I can.

Thank you and Happy 2015 and beyond to you all!

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