Community News – June 26


BIRCH BAY BEACH CLEAN UP: JULY 5th 8:00am-12:00pm
Mark your Calendars…We need your help! While the 4th of July here in Birch Bay is always a popular draw, the day after can be messy. We want to keep our bay clean, and safe for both people and wildlife. Gather your friends, family, co-workers and come on down to the Birch Bay Visitor Information Center at 7900 Birch Bay Drive. We’ll provide gloves, rubbish bags, coffee and cookies. If you would like to let us know you are coming,
you can call (360) 371-5004 or E-mail:
Otherwise, we hope to see you there!


On June 17th Whatcom County Council approved adding $1.1 million to their budget for this project. The project provides for a 1.58 mile berm and pedestrian walkway along Birch Bay Drive. Negotiations are under way with an Engineering Firm. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2016. For more information or To stay up to date on the progress of this project: Whatcom County Public Works


We received this letter reaching out to the Community for support. If you are interested in becoming involved with this project, please use the contact information below.

Dear Community Members :
It may be possible that there are other members in our organization interested in playing a part in the volunteer leadership of this non-profit corporation ( as we take final steps toward formal accreditation and funding for our emergency sheltering system now starting to expand for both domestic US and off-shore user agencies and governments around the world.
To qualify for 501c3 status we will need top-level leaders – especially board of directors members – and corporate officers (Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer).  Promotion, Marketing, Sales and Operations,
depending on the strategies selected, will be the only salaried positions.
This project has been easing forward over the past 8+ years as almost a solo enterprise relying on a wonderful group of volunteer assists – administrative, IT, promotion, fund-seeking, design-development, small-scale fabrication, foreign presentation and display – and has received considerable attention in various media.  The ‘channels’ are open and we are to be ‘on board’.
The major difference Recovery Huts enjoys from some of the other serious, high-quality shelter offerings is our fully-modular basic design allowing a shelter that can quickly, efficiently and economically be handled, shipped and deployed by unskilled workers w/o tools to meet emergency response and at the same time has built-in features allowing different configurations for use as ‘intermediate’ and permanent ‘long-term’ use in community resettlement – offering proud housing far exceeding what these populations often return to when the usual emergency hustle is over.

Beyond the frequency of emergency responses around the world, the need for slum housing upgrade and replacement world wide is even more enormous. What Recovery Huts offers is far and away just the kind of system required to make the world a so-much-better place.  We hope you will agree. Join Us? See our web page and call for a meeting?

Harry Skinner, President
360 306 0097

(Project Not Affiliated with Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce)

We still have spaces available for the Arts & Crafts Fair at Birch Bay’s Discovery Days on July 19th & 20th. For a Vendor Application or Parade Entry Form, Click Here.

All this beautiful weather makes folks want to head to the Beach for the Day. If you are wanting to go clamming, please make sure to call before you dig. 1-800-562-5632
Or Check Online here.




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