2 Important Updates for you!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week. Two updates that you should be aware of.

1.) The Birch Bay-Lynden Rd. and Portal Way is open. It’s only one lane, but it is open!

2.) An Important Meeting is scheduled and your support and voice are needed.
Blaine-Birch Bay Park and Rec. Meeting THIS SATURDAY
Saturday, June 7th at 10 AM at the Birch Bay Bible Church located at 4460 Bay Rd, Birch Bay.

Please attend and encourage the Blaine Birch Bay Park and Rec. District commissioners to support the new proposed Whatcom County Park on the Shoreline of Birch Bay.


The Following is a letter sent to the Commissioners from the Birch Bay Community Center and Beach Park Committee.

To:  Blaine Birch Bay Park and Recreation District Commissioners

Re:  Future Planning

Dear Commissioners,

There is a ton of excitement in the Birch Bay/Blaine community regarding the possible purchase by Whatcom County of a saltwater beach park property with 400 feet of public access along Birch Bay Drive.  Over 1,400 people, mostly district residents, have enthusiastically supported and endorsed the park proposal.

If purchased, the park property with public restrooms and parking would implement a basic need that has been a priority in Birch Bay community planning for 37 years.

Families and day use visitors from Blaine, Birch Bay and regions beyond come to the shoreline of Birch Bay to play on the tide flats and enjoy the warm water of the Bay.  If this dream becomes a reality…please consider partnering with Whatcom County, the Birch Bay Chamber and friends of the beach park in planning for future development of the new saltwater beach park.   Opportunities to fund  summer recreational programs and events at the beach park will benefit  Blaine and Birch Bay children and families in the district as they come to enjoy the recreational amenities along the shoreline and tide flats of Birch Bay.

Thank you,
Doralee Booth, Chair
Birch Bay Community Center and Beach Park Committee

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