Via Birch Bay Cafe & Bistro Named Named Member of the Month for December

Dave Hiller, President of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce reports on our Member of the Month for December:

Via-02The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Via Birch Bay Cafe & Bistro is the December Member of the Month.  Birch Bay restaurant “Via” is situated uniquely on the Birch Bay Drive shoreline as the only restaurant and building on the water side of the main Birch Bay strip.  For a few years this building stood empty and was a sad sign for the Birch Bay community.  It took a little imagination then a lot of ambition and hard work to bring this building back to life so that now we have this wonderful offering in Birch Bay.  There may scarcely be a building where you are so on top of the water and can see such expansive sunsets.  Sunny days on the upstairs outdoor deck you almost feel like you are on board a cruise ship.

Via opened in August of 2012 and then sadly was seriously damaged in the severe December 17 storm.  Again, through a lot of sheer determination and hard work Via re-opened in March of 2013 after replacing all the flooring, much of the siding, ceiling and several large view windows.  This is an astonishing success story.  Via exhibits a strong perseverance to stick to a plan and overcome obstacles in business and the forces of nature – in their particular case.  Their staff has been involved in the community and contributors.  This Fall Gary Gibbons, one of their management team has been elected to the Chamber Board of Directors and will be lending his expertise to more of the Birch Bay community.  The Birch Bay restaurants need this type of involvement from one of their number.

On any given evening, you will be welcomed by friendly staff, can decide from an  extensive menu that has developed over the past year with an array of appetizers, entrees, desserts and a full range from the bar.  Seafood features prominently.  Often there is a wide range of music that is presented.

ViaThe Chamber of Commerce congratulates owner Yoon Oh (who can sometimes be heard accompanying the music with his variety of flutes), his brother Jefferson (who is responsible for the signature “skinny puppy” art pieces at Via), Steve Hendricks (Front Manager), Gary Gibbons (Business Manager) and all of the Via servers and staff on the astonishing comeback of Via.  They will be honored at the Birch Bay Chamber Monthly Lunch Tuesday December 17 on the anniversary of the storm.

Via Birch Bay Cafe and Bistro located at 7829 Birch Bay Drive in Birch Bay, Phone is 360/778-2570    Email is, Like them on Facebook –  VIA Birch Bay Cafe and Bistro, Website –  –

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