Dave Hiller of The Muljat Group Named Member of the Month for November

Dave HillerThe Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are pleased to announce that Dave Hiller, realtor with The Muljat Group is the November Member of the Month.  Dave has served as the president of the Chamber of Commerce for the past year and was recently selected to serve a second year as president by the Board of Directors.  He has been an enthusiastic connector for businesses and people to help the business community in Birch Bay have a great year working together on projects and events.  The membership has grown and also participation increased this past year.  He helped secure a grant from Whatcom County that will allow more projects locally to expand in 2014.

Image 35

Dave and Family At Sand Sculpture

Birch Bay has been a favorite place for his family to come as a child growing up in Bellingham.  Many fond memories throughout college days, bringing his children out to the area and now grandchildren that have all sorts of traditions that need to occur when visiting Birch Bay for a week or a weekend especially in the summer. Deb and Dave enjoy living across from the beach on Birch Bay Drive and spend a lot of time with family and friends walking in the area, biking, and kayaking. One of the best memories from the past summer was having a family gathering in front along the beach with volleyball, croquet, kayaking and a great barbecue. They participate in the events from the Discovery Days Parade (hosting the Queen of England on a 4-person surrey) to the reflective Ring of Fire & Hope on New Year’s Eve.  The grandchildren constructed a sand sculpture this year and feel more competitive for the coming year.  Dave intends to once again “Take the Plunge!” at the Polar Bear Plunge New Year’s Day.   These are the moments that celebrate Birch Bay.


Contact Dave by phone 360/820-4636 or by email – davehiller.realtor@gmail.com

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