Pam Hanson of Pam Hanson Insurance Solutions Named Member of the Month For October


Pam Hanson, Business Owner

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors are very pleased to announce that Pam Hanson, Owner of Pam Hanson Insurance Solutions, is the October Member of the Month.  Pam Hanson has been a strong supporter of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce and really has made a difference in our community with her work locally including the NW Park and Recreation District #2 Levy Team, Ducky Derby, the Polar Bear Swim, and Sand Sculptures to name only a few.  Pam is a native of Whatcom County and loves the community here in Birch Bay.  Professionally Pam has been in the insurance industry for the past 15 years, specializing in senior health and medicare insurance products.  She is well equipped and qualified to assist those over 65.

Pam With DogIn making the announcement, Chamber President Dave Hiller said “Pam Hanson is tirelessly promoting community events and various programs throughout Birch Bay.  She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce and is one of the Chairs for our Annual General Membership meeting.  She loves to promote the businesses, as well as our entire community, as a great destination for all.  I offer congratulations to Pam for the honor and we are all grateful for her enthusiasm!”


Pam “Geocaching”
(Northern Light Photo Provide By Pam Hanson)

Pam and her husband of 40 years, Jeff, truly enjoy living here in Birch Bay along with their “Labradoodle.”  She and her dog are frequently seen around Birch Bay with a GPS in Pam’s hand as she undertakes one of her favorite hobbies – Geocaching – for which she was recently featured in an article in the Northern Light.  In addition to Geocaching, Pam is an active Beach Comber, Gardener, and Chef.

With all the changes in our Health Care this year, and the years to come, Pam Hanson Insurance Solutions can help you obtain the best policy, particularly if you are over 65.  Contact Pam Hanson today via Phone – (360) 224-1395; Email –; or Web –

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2 Responses to Pam Hanson of Pam Hanson Insurance Solutions Named Member of the Month For October

  1. Ruth says:

    Pam is a great member of the Chamber, pitching in with the Ducky Derby and numerous other events; she’s also a vigorous supporter of the NW Parks and Rec; and a wonderful person.

  2. Dave Hiller says:

    Congratulations, Pam, and thanks for the great contributions to the Birch Bay community! Have a great year.

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