The Birch Bay 2013 Candidate Night Is Tomorrow Night !!

your-vote-counts-buttonThe 2013 Elections are just two weeks away and this is an important election season for Birch Bay!  Kathy Berg, Chair of the Birch Bay Steering Committee has arranged for the candidates to meet our Birch Bay community tomorrow night, October 15th at 7:00 PM at the Birch Bay Bible Community Church (Birch Bay Bible Community Church, 4460 Bay Road, Blaine, WA) As in previous years, Kathy will be Co-Hosting this forum with John Gargett, Past President of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce.

vote-yes-vote-noThis years election has shaped up to be a big one for Birch Bay.  We have a number of issues for our community such as the Northwest Park & Recreation District Campaign.  We have four Whatcom County Council seats up for election, as well as two Port Commissioner seats.  The outcome of these races may very well determine when Birch Bay will get the improvements to our waterfront, if we are able to acquire land for a community park, and how we can move forward with economic development.  It is a big year!

Whatcom County LogoAs our Whatcom County Auditor Debbie Adelstein stated in the Whatcom County Local Voters Pamplet, “The importance of voting cannot be overstated, especially in a general election such as this when so many local offices and local issues hang in the balance. This is a time when we can really make a difference. We have no one to blame except ourselves if we sit on the sidelines and let others make the decisions for us.

Please join Kathy Berg and John Gargett for this critically important meeting, but if you cannot make it to the forum, please remember to vote!

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