A Thank You From Tammy Pearce, Birch Bay Music Festival Founder

BBMF-LogoDear Birch Bay Chamber and Members:

On behalf of our beneficiaries, The Whatcom County Alternative Humane Society, Silver Cloud Special Cat Services of Blaine and the BC SPCA we would like to extend our sincere appreciation for the extra facilities ie. portalettes and your support.

Birch Bay Music Festival “Paws Across the Border” was a 2.5 day event filled with music, crafts and food and drink offering from the Bay Cafe and The C Shop.  Many comment’s from festival attendee’s indicated that all the efforts made were well worth it!

Our community really pulled together, the morning of the first day, several people gathered to help put tents up and lend support where needed.  Safway Scaffolding’s crew lead by Shawn Brady volunteered on their day off to build the stage, Frank Sprague of the Jaded Lovers also built the awesome cover for the stage shielding all the band’s from sun (and increment rain).  Tony from Tony’s Handman had a Bounce House for the children, Joyce Dippold was in charge of the BBMF Information Booth, Janell Kortlever, of Janell Summer’s Photography donated her time and talents at the photo booth.

We are very grateful to all of our sponsors, BP Cherry Point, Safway Scaffolding, Thunderbird Food Machines, Alcoa and Birch Bay Water Slides, all prominent business’ of our community.  We are equally grateful to Via Birch Bay and Bobby’s Drydock for assisting us in housing the Kulshan Draft Beer served at the festival.  Bobby’s also carried on the fundraiser on Saturday night with Rev. JD & The Blackouts, the festival’s headliners, earning extra dollars going toward the “kitty” (pun intended).

Bay Cafe had a great beer and wine garden going and The C-Shop was busy making pizza’s to keep up with the demand!  It was a truly a “Community Event”.

Warmest Regards,

Tammy Pearce, Birch Bay Music Festival Founder

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