Tomorrow Is Our Regular Monthly Meeting And THE TWO BUCK DUCK !!

BirchBayWaterslidesJuly 21st will be the 2012 Official Ducky Derby contest, but just as we did last year, there will be a  “Two-Buck Duck” warm up event, at our June membership meeting tomorrow at Birch Bay Waterslides.

In last years spirited competition, nearly fifty ducks competed for 1st Place while riding down the “Snake” waterslide.  The top three leaders were neck and neck throughout the race, with the crowds cheering them on, and:

  1. Christina Alexander  Duck #423 (Oh Boy)  took home a $27.00 Gift Certificate to Birch Bay Waterslides;
  2. John Ellis, Owner of Pooch Palace Duck #419 (Trinket) took home a $15.00 gift Certificate to the C-Shop; and;
  3. Patricia Alesse C Shop  Duck #431 (Flibbity Jibbet 1) took home a $10.00 gift certificate to Pacific Building Center.

customLogoAnd, for the regular monthly meeting tomorrow – held at the Birch Bay Waterslides beginning at 1130, we have Rachel Vasak, Director of NSEA (Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association) who will be speaking with us about “Shared Area Projects”.

For our lunch the Birch Bay Waterslides will be serving a Barbecue Banquet with Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Spinach Salad, Watermelon, Chips , and dessert. They have Veggie burgers available for those who would prefer. The meeting will take place outside in their Company Picnic Pavilion and they are asking that people dress accordingly. They are closed to the public so we will have the park to ourselves to run the trial Ducky Derby.

Nancy Stull and Brian Southwick with Christina Alexander (Duck 423, Oh Boy)

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