North Whatcom Fire And Rescue Named Member of the Month

Untitled-13The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that North Whatcom Fire And Rescue has been named Member of the Month for April.  In making the announcement, Dave Hiller, President of the Chamber, said “When our community needs help,  North Whatcom Fire and Rescue is  first on-scene to lend assistance.  We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated team of professionals who not only provide superb emergency response, but also have provided considerable support to our Chamber of Commerce events including both Discovery Days and the Polar Bear Swim.  They have also been lending assistance to our Community Emergency Planning Task Force, which has started an effort to create our local emergency plans.” 

chief_andersonNorth Whatcom Fire and Rescue is made up of both career and volunteer firefighters who provide fire suppression and emergency medical services.  The Fire District serves much more than Birch Bay.  The district has a total of 13 stations serving much of rural Whatcom County.  Fire District operations include fire response, emergency medical services (including Basic Life Support transport), rescue, and hazardous materials response. North Whatcom Fire and Rescue is managed by Fire Chief, Ron Anderson. Chief Anderson came to us last year from a fire department a third the size but with more than three times the population.

North Whatcom Fire and Rescue is a very busy organization year round – last month they had 222 responses, which comprised 14 fire responses, 169 medical responses, as well as 39 “other”.  That is a little over 7 responses a day!  And given our location, it is amazing that from the time they are notified until they arrive on-scene is an average of just 8 minutes and 35 seconds!  So when you see them, give them a wave or better yet say thank you!

Chief Anderson would be the first to tell you that the reason we have such a great Department is the high quality personnel who both work and live in our community.  We are truly blessed with a great department made up of great personnel.  You can read about North Whatcom Fire and Rescue in their Monthly Newsletter (Click Here To Read April’s Newsletter).  If you would like to find out more about our Department, you can contact Chief Ron Anderson by calling (360) 318-9933 or you can contact the Department via email;


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