Whatcom County Issues First Project Newsletter On Birch Bay Drive & Pedestrian Facility

Whatcom County LogoThis week the Whatcom County Public Works Department issued their first “Project Newsletter Number 1” for our Birch Bay Drive & Pedestrian Facility.   This Project Newsletter is being mailed to property owners adjacent to Birch Bay Drive (from Alderson Rd to Birch Point Road) as it contains important information on Right of Way on Birch Bay Drive and possible additional acquisition.  Along with the Newsletter, property owners will be receiving an aerial photograph showing their property and the existing Right of Way.  As part of this effort, Whatcom County surveyors will be in our area staking the existing County ROW within the next couple weeks.

BB-Dr-Ped-Facility-Aerial-ExampleIn addition, the County Road Engineer will be giving a presentation to the Whatcom County Council Public Works, Health, and Safety Committee and interested public regarding the existing Birch Bay Drive Right of Way next Tuesday, March 26th:

  • Where:  Whatcom County Courthouse, Council Chambers, 311 Grand Avenue, Bellingham, WA 98225
  • When: Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 1:30 PM

If you would like to view the Letter and Sample Aerial Photograph, you can click below:

BB Dr Ped Facility Newsletter 1 & Aerial Photo Example

For additional information on the Birch Bay Drive & Pedestrian Facility known locally as (Wolf’s Beach) you can visit the Waterfront Working Group of the Birch Bay Steering Committee or you can contact Kathy Berg via email: Chairkathy@birchbayinfo.org 

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2 Responses to Whatcom County Issues First Project Newsletter On Birch Bay Drive & Pedestrian Facility

  1. Dymond Nicon says:

    I appreciate the time and effort that has taken place to have the improvements to Birch Bay move to this point. Though I agree with most of the improvements, I feel that that improvements fall short of what they could be in making Birch Bay a pedestrian friendly community.

    I have previously suggested that a portion of Birch Bay Drive, from Trendwest to the Bay Center Market, be relocated behind the potentially new and existing developments and convert Birch Bay Drive into a 60-80 foot wide pedestrian Promenade along this stretch of beach.

    To find out more about this alternative, please refer to the April 2012 Birch Bay Buzz Newsletter and my website NiconInternational.com for a further description and study of what Birch Bay could be in the future. I believe that those reviewing the study will agree that this alternative will enhance the Birch Bay shoreline, improve pedestrian safety, increase tourism and attract new developments within Birch Bay and increase property values for those owning land along the Promenade.

    I believe that this alternative solution could be easily phased as development occurs along the Promenade. I also believe that the improvements being studied could be incorporated into the present scheme in a manner that would save Whatcom County funds.

    It is a win, win opportunity for all, the community, Whatcom County and the tourists that visit here throughout the year.

  2. Dymond Nicon says:

    A Blog has been added to the Nicon International website (niconinternational.com) providing an opportunity to voice your opinions and comments regarding the relocation of Birch Bay Drive and converting it into a real Promenade. Check it out.

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