Mary Muncy of Beach Basket Yarns & Gifts is Named Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month


Mary Muncy March Member Of The Month

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Mary Muncy, Owner of Beach Basket Yarns & Gifts has been named Member of the Month for March.  In making the announcement, Dave Hiller, President of the Chamber, said “Mary is a wonderful example of not only making a business succeed in Birch Bay, but also establishing a business that has helped put Birch Bay ‘on the map’ for people all over the Northwest.  Mary started her business in their cabin before moving to their present location six years ago, where they are now open seven days a week all through the year serving our community” 


The Knitting Community

There is a committed knitting community that comes from all over our region each week, and when you visit you will probably find the back table filled with knitters working together as well as having a great deal of fun.  Mary offers many special local US-made yarns and works with local farms who raise sheep and do the whole process of dying and creating intricate and unique yarns.  She has a great array of custom knitting needles and patterns.  She offers classes, social groups,  and will create knitting events in evenings upon request.

Mary is very involved in the Statewide Local Yarn Shops (LYS) and she is a big proponent of promoting shopping at local stores with local products.  Another interesting piece of information about Mary is that she has, and is, growing her business organically, without use of the World Wide Web, by building friendships with her customers one at a time.

Mary enjoys working in Birch Bay for all the same reasons we as a community like it here.  So when you get a chance, stop by and visit Mary, look at the great selection of wools, knitting materials and specialized items.  They are located at 7620 Birch Bay Drive, Birch Bay, WA 98230, and you can reach them at the store (360) 371-0332, or via email:  Beach Basket Yarns & Gifts Is More Than Just A Yarn Shop, It Is A Knitting Community!


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3 Responses to Mary Muncy of Beach Basket Yarns & Gifts is Named Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month

  1. Dave Hiller says:

    A great tribute and photos. Congratulations, Mary – you’ve worked hard for this recognition from your Birch Bay business peers. Success to you in the coming business season,

  2. Stacy says:

    My favorite yarn store! And Mary is the best!!!

  3. Congratulations on being named Birch Bay Chamber Member of the Month. Although I have yet to visit, I am constantly hearing great things. I look forward to hearing more… and It’s really great to have such a successful destination shop in Birch Bay!

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