A Story About Bellingham To Birch Bay On The “Road Less Traveled”

Most people decide to head up Interstate 5 from Bellingham to Birch Bay. Not bad if you want to get from Point A to Point B. But as I left Bellingham in the rain heading to the on-ramp, I decided to take the “Road Less Traveled”.

Heading out Holly to Marine Drive, I noticed that our friends had left for Belize as I passed their house (we visited them earlier).  Passing Fort Bellingham the sky was beginning to break to the west.

On the Ferndale Road, I could see the creeks were running high from the rain, although crossing the Nooksack; it looked like the water level was falling.

Slater Road was next, and I decided to stop in at Barlean’s Seafood. They got a new shipment of Dungeness Crab today and I left there with two crabs weighing in at 5.88 pounds. One crab weighed in at 3.12 pounds.

On the Kickerville Road, I noticed the Alder trees had turned a deeper shade of red. Most people miss the Alder trees changing from their winter brown/gray to brownish red to red just before they break into green with new foliage in the Spring.

I had to stop for a train on Grandview. You don’t have to stop for trains when you travel the Freeway, but I got a few minutes to stop and think, all the time enjoying the view of the fields and trees waiting for the train to pass.

BP has been restoring the Terrell Creek uplands and I noticed the creek was full to the brim. Sitting in a Douglas Fir was a Bald Eagle. Could not see any salmon from the road, but it is a little late in the year to see them any way.

On Jackson, someone waved at me from a farm. Gave them a wave back. Not unusual on a back road.

Through the State Park there were Blue Herons, Mallards and a couple more eagles. The tip of the San Juan Islands and the majesty of the Gulf Islands came out just as the clouds broke and the gulls and sea birds swooped in the winds.

Now it takes me 10 minutes longer to drive this route. Tell me again why I need to hurry and get there on the freeway? Never mind, I have fresh crab to eat in Birch Bay.

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  3. Mari-Lon says:

    I enjoyed your road trip very much. I live in Ferndale almost on the Noojsack River and go on your route often. Thank you.

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