Addictions Workshop in Birch Bay starts in March

Submitted by Ashley Johnson, Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Communications Intern and WWU student:

Even a beautiful community such as Birch Bay is not exempt from the pains and struggles of addictions. Be it alcohol, drugs, an eating disorder, gambling, gaming or the like, addiction is a serious problem, and most people have, in some way, experienced its devastating effects.

Dr. Ross Banister, a nationally certified Addiction Counselor, may have just a little light to share at the end of this tunnel.

A two-session Addictions Workshop will be held on Mondays, March 4 and 11, from 7:00-9:15 pm where a variety of addictions will be examined at the Northwest Parks and Recreation (District 2) center, located at 7511 Gemini Street, here in Birch Bay.  All ages and experiences are welcome. The cost is $20.00 for both sessions, and registration can be made by calling (541) 580-6319 or by e-mail to

Dr. Banister has been involved in alcohol and drug addiction counseling for 31 years and counting. His workshop will provide a theoretical framework, integrating scientific and Biblical principles. Format is highly interactive, and materials handouts will be presented. To learn more about Dr. Ross Banister, visit his blog at

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