Zac Reimer of Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office is Named Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month


Deputy Zac Reimer

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Zac Reimer of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office has been named Member of the Month for February.  In making the announcement, Dave Hiller, President of the Chamber, said “Zac Reimer has, since his appointment as our Neighborhood Deputy for Birch Bay, been a tremendous asset to both the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce and Birch Bay as a whole.  Zac Reimer is much more than just a Deputy.  He is also a resident and an active participant in our community.  Last summer when our community was suffering from a string of burglaries  Deputy  Reimer took it upon himself to call a community meeting to not only make us aware of what was happening, but letting us know what we can do. (See Report on Birch Bay Burglaries and Helpful Information)  Additionally, there are more than a few businesses in Birch Bay that know first hand that Deputy Reimer has made a difference.” 

Deputy Reimer has been with the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 10 years after working for the Lummi Reservation Police Department for two years.  Since his appointment as Neighborhood Deputy for Birch Bay, nearly everyone in the community has gotten to know his smiling face and warm handshake.

Bill and Zac

Zac Reimer and Sheriff Bill Elfo Addressing Burglaries In Birch Bay

Deputy Reimer enjoys working in a small community and getting to know everyone personally.  In 2011 following his appointment, he was quoted as saying “Every community has its problems, and you try to focus in on those.” In addition to protecting our community, Deputy Reimer has been very supportive of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce as well as the businesses and residents in Birch Bay (See Letter of Appreciation).  In his spare time, Zac enjoys his family, Birch Bay and the Pacific Northwest.


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