John Gargett and Patti White of Tide Catcher are Named Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month

Tide-Catcher-LogoThe Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Patti White and John Gargett of Tide Catcher have been named Members of the Month for December.  In making the announcement, Dave Hiller, President of the Chamber, said “Both Patti and John have been very active members of our Chamber, volunteering to help for all our events, and pitching in to help the Chamber whenever needed.  Most people know Patti as a person who has served on the Board, helped with volunteers, and has coordinated vendors as part of Birch Bay Discovery Days in July.  John was the President for the Chamber for the last two years and as Birch Bay residents, both Patti and John have not only strong supporters, but leaders in our community with their support for the Chamber.  John continues to serve as Past-President on the Board of the Chamber, and can be regularly seen around Birch Bay promoting local businesses and activities.  Their spirit of volunteerism is evident every day.” 

The Tide Catcher cabins have been in continuous operation since Patti’s grandparents purchased them in 1929.  There are 7 cabins available for renting by the week, generally from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Over the years, many families have come year after year, some returning for over 35 years.  Others rent all cabins for their annual family renunions.  Each of the seven quaint 2 & 3 bedroom family restored cabins are named after migrating ducks from Birch Bay, and all have water views of the bay known for its large tide flats with tidal pools, full with sand dollars, clams, fish and crabs.

LighthouseThe Tide Catcher Cabins are being continually improved, with Patti & John re-building the “Mallard” cabin last year.  You might recognize it as it has a distint lighthouse feature overlooking the bay.  When asked what plans are ahead for the Tide Catcher, Patti says she hopes that the cabins will still be used by families seeking the beauty of Birch Bay a hundred years from now.

So if you get a chance, stop by the Tide Catcher and get an idea of what Birch Bay used to be when the bay was lined with family owned cottages like the Tide Catcher. You can get additional information by contacting Patti White by phone (360) 223-2510 or by email,  ( or by visiting their website  (

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