The Northern Light is Named Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that The Northern Light has been named Member of the Month for September.  In making the announcement, John Gargett, President of the Chamber, said “The Northern Light, has been a very active member of our Chamber, volunteering to help for every single event.  Most people know them for our weekly newspaper, The Northern Light, but they have been not just a strong supporter, but a true leader in our community with their support for the Chamber.  They always have a reporter at our meetings, and they have served as judges for several of our events.  In particular, the Birch Bay Chamber would like to recognize Molly Ernst of the Northern Light who serves on the Board of the Chamber as Secretary.  Their spirit of volunteerism is is evident every day.” 

The Northern Light really represents how diverse our community is by reflecting our  bond with Canada – Point Roberts Press, Inc., was established in 1985 and is privately owned. Located on the waterfront in Blaine, Washington, the company publishes home-grown newspapers, tourist guides, websites and maps focusing primarily on Northwest Washington and lower mainland British Columbia region. Point Roberts Press, Inc is well-versed in cross-border marketing and distribution.

So if you get a chance, stop by the Northern Light or better yet, write a letter to the editor to help promote the good things in our area.  You can get additional information by contacting Louise Mugar (Advertising Manager and Associate Publisher) or Patrick Grubb (Publishing & Managing Editor) by phone (360) 332-1777 or by email, and by visiting their website  (

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