Birch Bay – An Article Written In 1992 By Coreen Stafford

The following is an article I was sent; written by Coreen Stafford in late August of 1992 that she wrote for the Blaine Banner some twenty years ago and Coreen’s reflections and interviews with residents on returning to Birch Bay from a trip with a girl-friend to the Oregon Coast.  As I read it, I could not but help think that this could have been written today, and when you read it, I think you will agree.  So take a few minutes and enjoy this article.

“Having just returned from the Oregon coast, it was a pleasure to cruise along Birch Bay Drive and see nothing changed.

A girl-friend and I enjoyed a week of being tourists in someone else’s town.  I am please to say we were wonderful guests, putting litter in its place, driving the speed limit and being aware of pedestrian traffic.

We unfortunately had the opportunity to witness the charred remains of the famed Tillamook Ore. Blimp hangar, still smoldering after having caught fire Aug. 22.

For those of you who have viewed these huge wooden buildings you are sure to share the emotions and sadness brought on this community.

Back at home we take time to be thankful and appreciate the beauty around us.  The beach seems just a little quieter this week as families prepare for a new school year.

I did manage a visit with a few folks enjoying the peace and quiet include one cute little type.

I commented how wonderfully tanned he looked.  The young man, who barely came to my waist, looked up and replied “Yeah, I used to be white like you.”

Taken somewhat by surprise and figuring my tan wasn’t too bad, I looked down at him and said “Oh, yeah, I used to short like you too.”

At “Whatcom County’s best kept secret” I found Pamm Fox and Pat Young greeting arriving guests.  Pat and Pamm took a moment to chat.

Pamm has worked at the resort for the past five years. She said she has a great job that she really enjoys meeting new people.

Pat agreed.  “Everyone on staff is like one big family. Or employer is just great. We get together to have fun, including last year – we all went river rafting at Lake Chelan.”

Pat Mastropoalo, known as the “little Italian (with the hot new Jeep)” stopped by to also express pleasure with his job. “The people are great, there is so much to do. It’s a great place for affordable fun.”

I asked what the coming of fall meant to them. Pat Young replied “serenity.” Pamm said although they are open all year round “fall is defiantly more peaceful.”

Before this over-pumped resort sold me a membership, it was time to go walk the dogs.

As we were being dragged along the Bay by the dogs, my friend, and the dogs, took the time to stop and smell Jack and Noreen Keddie’s beautiful flowers.  Jack has grown these huge sunflowers that must be more than 13 feet high.  Where do you plan on going Jack?

I met this lovely young lady who claims she has been coming to Birch Bay for the past 55 years.  Heck, she didn’t even look that old!

Roberta Neuman Carl of San Diego knows exactly what has to be accomplished during a yearly vacation in Birch Bay.

“On my list of absolute-must do’s is to go crabbing.  It always amazes me I manage to catch those things.  This time it only took me four hours to chase and net six crabs!”

“I must pick blueberries, savory clam chowder, sit on the beach at the State Park, so I am sure to view The Bay at a different angle than here at the cabin, go for walks morning and night. Of course I spend time with family, taking Mom shopping, and in the past few years I’ve taken up at least one session of Bingo.  To think I only have one week to do all this!” Roberta exclaimed.

A military brat, Roberta recalls traveling around the world with no place to call home.  Visiting Grandma and Grandpa at The Bay was the only permanent home she knew. As a child Roberta remembers constantly following Grandpa as he tinkered around the property.

“I can remember when there was nothing on the Point.  I just love it.  I’m planning to return to live here permanently when I retire.”

A Grandmother of seven with four daughters, Roberta’s eyes sparkle with fond memories of a childhood and growing up at Grandma and Grandpa’s home in beautiful Birch Bay.

If you are fortunate to have your grandparents still around, do yourself a favor and take the time to call them today, now. Life never lasts as long as love.

See you on The Bay”

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