Birch Bay Waterslides Opens For The 2012 Season

This Memorial Day Weekend was the opening of the Birch Bay Waterslides and from the looks on the kids faces who crowded the pool, there was no question this is “Where The Fun Always Shines” And the crowds were not all kids by any means.  On Saturday, under beautiful sunny skies, the parking lot was full and families were truly enjoying a great opening for the 2012 Season in Birch Bay.

Iain Buchanan, General Manager, took a few minutes out of a very busy day to show off the park, and he had quite a lot to show off.  The new owners are taking some real steps to upgrade and enhance the visitors experience.  The locker rooms have been redone, the food service has been upgraded, new canopies have been installed, a new information center is being put in, Little Caesars is open, and the list goes on.

So if you are wondering what to do on a hot summer day (all the pools are heated by the way) bring the kids, the parents, the friends and head out to the Birch Bay Water Slides.  They are located at 4874 Birch Bay Lynden Road in Birch Bay and their phone number is (360) 371-7500.  You can also email Iain Buchanan (  Details on hours, groups, special events are available on their WebSite (

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