The Northern Light Releases 2012 Waterside And Finalizing Blaine & Birch Bay Map

This week our own newspaper, The Northern Light, is releasing the free 2012 Waterside. Waterside covers the coastal communities from Whidbey Island, WA to Steveston, BC.  Stretching from Point Roberts, Washington, in the north through Tsawwassen, Ladner and Richmond, British Columbia, down to the beautiful San Juan Islands, there are hundreds of places waiting for you to discover, enjoy and return to on future journeys.  But if you have not gotten a copy, or you live out of the area, you can still plan your activities for this summer by clicking on the cover and visiting the website.

The Northern Light has also extended the Ad Deadline for this years Blaine & Birch Bay Map & Event Calendar to May 31st.  They distribute 15,000 copies of these maps in visitor centers and other high traffic locations from Skagit County to the Lower Mainland in B.C.  Also, this year it is going online and it will reach even more people!  Not only is the map going to be online, but advertisers will have an icon on the map that will display their business ads and web links.  It is really a great way to advertise.  You can download the information brochure here, or give Molly a call (360) 332-1777 or send her an email.

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