Mike Kent, Host of Radio Real Estate, To Speak At Chamber Luncheon. Is The Recession Over?

In the context of real estate, the recession may be over, or at least so I think.  Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce Director Mike Kent, more famously known as the Host of the KGMI Radio Show Radio Real Estate, is our featured speaker for this months General Membership Lunch.  Mike will be speaking on what is of interest to everyone in our area, what is happening with real estate?  As both a realtor and expert consultant on real estate, Mike will be sharing with us what is happening in our community of Birch Bay, Whatcom County in general and Nationally in real estate.

After spending the last 40 years in and around Birch Bay I have seen a lot of changes in real estate and my gut tells me that things are again on the up swing.  I am hoping that Mike Kent will be confirming this next Tuesday at the C Shop this month at the corner of Alderson and Birch Bay Drive (4825 Alderson Road  Birch Bay, WA 98230) what I think is happening.  People begin showing up around 1130 for socializing and we start our meeting at 1200.  Our business is completed (usually) by 1220, 1230 at the latest, and then Mike Kent will speak.

So mark your calendars for our monthly luncheon on Tuesday, May 15 and be sure to be there when Mike shares some surprising statistics about what is happening about real estate here in Birch Bay.  I have also heard a rumor that there may be an announcement or two about some properties that are in play.

For further information on the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, please visit our website.

Oh, and by the way, did you hear the the Washington State Department of Ecology approved Whatcom County to move ahead with the proposed Birch Bay Drive Pedestrian Facility? Now this will increase real estate values!

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One Response to Mike Kent, Host of Radio Real Estate, To Speak At Chamber Luncheon. Is The Recession Over?

  1. Birch Bay Girl says:

    According to some, there never really was a recession. Lol!

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