Don’t Forget Mothers Day Is This Sunday

Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce member Find Your Fashion is having a great Mothers Day Weekend Sale, and just in case you are like me and have not yet picked up a gift for your mother, for your convenience and emergency last-minute gift needs, Find Your Fashion will be open during their normal business hours (10 AM – 7 PM) for Mother’s Day weekend (including Mother’s Day.)

Barb is also giving away two Mother’s Day Gift Baskets, but you do have to go to Find Your Fashion (In Ferndale Station behind Sonic, Exit 262, 1863 Main Street, Ferndale, WA.) There are actually going to be two drawings you can enter – any shopper that comes into Find Your Fashion and treats themselves (or mom) while using any one of their Valpak coupons will have their name entered for the ValPak basket, and any shopper that comes into the store and simply tells us this code: MOTHER’S DAY AT FIND YOUR FASHION, will get their name entered into our Mother of all Gift Basket drawing.

If you would like more information on this, you can contact Barb, the owner of Find Your Fashion at (360) 393-3190.  Maybe I will see you there when I stop in to get something for my mom.

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