Happy Birthday To You !!

Well, actually it is Happy Birthday to your Birch Bay Buzz.  It is hard to believe that a full year has passed since the Birch Bay Buzz was started in its new Blog format.  Of course, the Buzz was sent out as an email in years past, but as technology has changed, so has how   we reach you.  So, what has the last year held from the first post a year ago:

  • There have been 5,000 unique computers who have visited the Buzz to find out local happenings;
  • These visitors have come from 34 countries and every continent (Ok, everyone except Antartica) and from every State and Province in the US & Canada;
  • The busiest day was December 31st when everyone wanted to know about the Ring of Fire and Polar Bear Plunge;
  • Both The Northern Light and The Bellingham Herald have reposted or drawn from your Birch Bay Buzz for information;
  • There have been twice the number of readers in the first couple months of 2012 as there were in all of 2011.

Each article in the Buzz is, on average, seen by over 500 different readers as the Buzz is also automatically posted to the Birch Bay Facebook and Twitter pages. Best of all, members of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce have been able to announce specials, sales and things happening with their businesses at no cost to them.

So Happy First Birthday Birch Bay Buzz and thanks to everyone for helping make it a great way to reach out!

By the way, Have You Heard?  There is a Miniature Golf Coming To Birch Bay, watch your Buzz for the announcement.


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