Off Season Tourism Promotion Seeking Business Promo’s

The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, in support of The Mt. Baker Foothills Chamber of Commerce, who obtained funding from the Whatcom County Lodging Tax Fund, is seeking companies that want to participate in the 2012 Off-Season Fall Tourism Promotion the application form for which is attached here.

This is an exciting opportunity for all businesses in Birch Bay to participate in this project.  The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is in full support of this great effort by our sister organziation, the Mt. Baker Foothills Chamber of Commerce and urges every member to sign-up and participate.  Members of the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce do have direct representation on this committee with our our Birch Bay Board Member, Iain Buchanan (Birch Bay Waterslides).  If you would like to help your Chamber, and Iain, with this important project, please feel free to contact him via email.

Please keep in mind that any tourism based business can participate in this book and your participation is free – this is just plain free advertising!  Many providers are already offering special offers, this is fine, no need to make a new offer.  Offers that are placed on the website can be changed or removed with one week’s notice to Rebecca Boonstra of the Mt. Baker Foothills Chamber of Commerce, so if you have different offers going on between now and when the coupon offers will run (Labor day through Thanksgiving day) it’s okay, she will change them.

If you have any questions at all please give me a call or write me an email.

Offers for Lodging, Dining, shopping etc. will all be used, if other businesses would like to get involved please just let the Mt. Baker Chamber of Commerce know and they will determine if the offer is appropriate for the book.  All offers are due by May 15, which will sneak up on us before you know it, so please, take advantage and sign up now!

For further information, please contact:

Rebecca Boonstra, Visitors Center Coordinator, Mt Baker Foothills Chamber of Commerce,,, (360) 599-1518.

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