Birch Bay Chamber December Membership Meeting Is In Blaine

As we announced at last months membership meeting, the Blaine Chamber of Commerce has invited us to join them for what we hope will be a regular visit to each others Chambers at least once a year.

This month, on December 7th, (the meeting starts at 1200) we will be joining the Blaine Chamber of Commerce at the Pizza Factory in Blaine.  The address for the Pizza Factory is 738 Peace Portal Drive  Blaine, WA 98230-4011.

I really believe that this is a great chance for our two Chambers to begin to get to know one another.  I have also invited the Blaine Chamber to join us this coming June for our regular meeting in Birch Bay.  So put on your walking shoes, hop on your bike, or drive on up next Wednesday and lets get to know our neighboring Chamber.

I will see you there, and as always, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

John Gargett, President, Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, 360.656.5700

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