Bay Cafe and The C Shop Officially “Went to the Dogs (& Cats) on Saturday, August 6th

Birch Bay Music Festival -Presents Snipfest benefiting WeSnip. org was deemed a great success by everyone who atteneded!  Although there were several other events in and around Whatcom County it was reported that by early afternoon there was a 45 minute line up to get in to Birch Bay!

Boasting 9 bands, 26 vendors, Beer& Wine & food specials at Bay Cafe, great specialsto included “Pupparon Pizza”, “Doggie Do Do’ and “Kitty Litter Treats”  from the C Shop it was a fun filled day for visitors and locals alike!  Guest speakers County Executive Pete Kremen and Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo graced the stage to endorce the festvial and

BP Cherry Point began the fundraising with a $1,000 donation, along with Safway Scaffolding who donated and built the stage estimated at over $2,000.  Other sponsors who were equally appreciated are, Northern Light, Airbender Awdo, Crestview Recording and Josh Peterson Concrete & Building.

The day ended with great sucess and it was reported by Patric Alesse that very little litter was left behind to clean up!  Final funds raised are reported is $3693.60!  This will defiantly assit WeSnip in their mission to prevent puppies and kittens being born into an unwanted, unloved and abused lives.

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