The American Legion Saves the Day (Night Actually)

On Saturday night, Birch Bay was treated to one of mother natures famous weather events when just at dusk the thunder started, the lightning burst and the sky’s opened up.  It is estimated that in the next hour, Birch Bay got an inch of rain, and it continued in bursts until 4 in the morning.


And just as the members of the American Legion served our country, they served the vendors in Birch Bay this weekend during Discovery Days when the skies opened up. Jack Cain and Sandra Stacey of the American Legion, who were staying with the American Legion tent, spent most of the entire night bailing out the tents that were covering the vendors.

From when the skies opened up, until the next morning, both Jack and Sandra went from display to display keeping the canopies from collapsing. Next time you see anyone from the American Legion, say thank you for what they did – keeping 8-10 vendor tents from collapsing.

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One Response to The American Legion Saves the Day (Night Actually)

  1. Lisa says:

    Jack is a member of the Sons of the American Legion and Sandra is a member of the Ladies Auxiliary and we are happy to have them as members!!!!

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