Ducky Derby Winners !!

What a great Ducky Derby it was this year in Birch Bay.  We had just over 300 entries and what a race it was.  First place was under hot contest, and it changed several times during the running of the course.  Both Second and Third were equally contested and in the end Duck 38 took a solid lead and won.  Duck 211 took 2nd, and Duck 252 took 3rd.

But is was a race for the other seven finishing positions.  They were nearly neck and neck (do ducks have necks?) In any event, here are the official results below announced by Board Member Mike Kent with gifts presented by Volunteer Ruth Higgins (scroll down to see them all) showing the duck name and the winners:

1st Place – “Kayla” – Dianne Farrow (Accepted by her Husband)



2nd Place – “Wiebe” – Dianne Weibe



3rd Place – “Jones” – Liam Crosby-Jones



4th Place – “Butch” – Shawn Waters



5th Place – “Justin Bieber” – Hosman Family



6th Place – “Wackey Dackey” – Gordy Lang



7th Place – “Morrison” – Al Krause



8th Place – “PPA” – Gail Walker



9th Place – “Basket” – Mary Muncy



10th Place – “Charlie” – Sonia Shelzi



Last Place – “Sally” – Kelly Hart (That means 302’nd out of 302!) but, this was a $50.00 Gift Certificate!



We also had a special award for Duck #32 since it was our 32nd Annual Ducky Derby.  This award went to:

Duck #32 “Ace” – Calvin Brown

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