Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen & Sanitary Service Ensure “Facilities” For Visitors To Birch Bay This Year

Today, July 1, 2011, Whatcom County Executive Pete Kremen, working with the Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce, authorized the County to put in an adequate number of Port-A-Potties for visitors to Birch Bay through Labor Day.

Birch Bay, a wonderful summer home to thousands of visitors and tourists each year, does suffer from a lack of public restrooms and while the County has been working to find a permanent solution, Executive Pete Kremen wanted to ensure that nothing would prevent visitors and tourists from having as care free a visit as possible, including having at least temporary facilities while a long-term solution is worked out.

In addition to the direct intervention of Executive Kremen, Sanitary Service is working overtime to get the facilities in place.  Owner Paul Razore and Area Manager Rod Pemble mobilized immediately to make it happen.

As a result of the efforts of Executive Kremen, the Chamber of Commerce and Sanitary Service, there will be Port-A-Potties spread across the public access areas of Birch Bay.  The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce wishes to thank Whatcom County and Sanitary Service for helping ensuring visitors and tourists will have a “place to go” this year.

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