First Annual Birch Bay Music Festival


Dear Fellow Chamber Members:

Bay Café, The C Shop and Pooch Palace & Kitty Kastle are uniting to present Birch Bay’s First Annual Music Festival.  The event will be held between Bay Café and The C Shop on Saturday, August 6, 2011 beginning at 11:00am. This will be publicized as Birch Bay Music Festival presents:  “Snip Fest”, benefiting “WeSnip Whatcom Education Spay & Neuter Impact Program”.

WeSNIP is a remarkable program, in only two short years over 7,000 cats and dogs have been spayed or neutered for low to no cost for Whatcom County residents depending on their financial situation.

Whatcom Humane Society has gone on record to state WeSnip has had a dramatic effect on the decreased intake and euthanasia of unwanted dogs and cats.  The actual stats are: 24% fewer dogs and 33% fewer cats and over 50% of shelter cats that would have been euthanized for lack of space were spared!

Another great facet of this program is the spaying or neutering of feral cats.  With one phone call WeSnip will bring out a humane trap, pick it up and perform the necessary sterilization preventing more unwanted kittens born to a life of disease and pain and then bring the cat back its environment.  This is huge public service as cats can pass diseases to humans, and by decreasing this population, it aides in the prevention of human illnesses.

Currently Birch Bay Music Festival is seeking monetary sponsorships for WeSnip and/or donations for our Silent Auction. One Hundred percent of all proceeds earned will go directly to WeSNIP.

We are also seeking family friendly vendors and the cost is $10 and a minimum of 1 item to be donated to our Silent Auction  with the proceeds benefiting WeSNIP.

We will be promoting the event via print, social, radio and television media and if you chose to become a Sponsor ($500 or more) we will add your name and logo to all of our marketing and promotion materials, as well as reserving a spot for your business at our vendor fair.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and look forward to your response.  Should you require further information please feel free to email or contact me via my cell 360-421-6838.


Tammy Pearce-Organizer Birch Bay Music Festival

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