Dakota Creek Winery’s New App


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March 18th Chamber Luncheon

Boy, if you missed Tuesdays Chamber Luncheon, you missed a good one. We heard from Carroll Solomon from Blaine about the success of the Wings Over Water. 1958581_10152345701665879_1249039091_n

2Rachel Vasak from Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association, with updates on Terrill Creek and NSEA’s upcoming events.
Jeff Carrington from Blaine Birch Bay Park and Recreation with an impassioned talk about the Berm Project, and a possible Birch Bay Beach Park and Community Center. 1962762_10152345701505879_342059577_n

A big thank you to Tammy & Dave from Bay Cafe for catering our lunch and Beachwood Resort for hosting us!

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Wings over Water Birding Festival – Sunday in Birch Bay

Wings Over Water
Northwest Birding Festival

Breakfast for Birders cjs
WHEN: 9 a.m.– 11 a.m.
WHERE: CJ’s Restaurant
7878 Birch Bay Dr.
COST: $13 Adults, $10 Children (under 10)

Enjoy a fabulous breakfast buffet and presentation by featured speaker, Noah Strycker.
Seating is limited. Reservations recommended.

Call 332-4544 or Saturday at Blaine Middle School.

WHEN: After Breakfast approx. 11:30am
WHERE: Visitor Information Center
7900 Birch Bay Dr.
(Next Door to CJ’s)

Walk to Eagle’s Nest, and shore walk to The Will’O Pub & Cafe

WHEN: 8:00am-2:00pm
WHERE: Birch Bay Visitor Information Center
7900 Birch Bay Drive

Local Birch Bay Artists displaying Photos, Bird Houses, Cards,
photo 3Handmade items and more. Please come out and support our local Artists. photo 2

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Find your Fashion St. Patty’s Day Sales

–St. Patty’s Day Sale 50%, 60% & 75%–
Start​s Thursday at their New Merchandise Division located at 1863 Main St. #101 Ferndale.

Also at …

Consignment Store
50% Off Boots, Sweaters, Coats & All Red Tags!
Start​s Thursday at their New Merchandise Division located at the Ferndale Cost Cutter Center 1740 Labounty Drive in Ferndale
(right next door to L&L Salon)

Both stores are only about 2 minutes apart you can visit each very easily.

Also, take advantage of their Unique concept.  You can consign with us at Find your Fashion Again and then spend your credits at either store.  So you can buy consignment which is the best bang for their buck, or you can clean out their closet and reward themselves with a new treat from Find your Fashion.


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The Irish are Coming! The Irish are Coming!


Saturday March 15th
12:00pm :  Meet Out Front of The Will’O Pub 7714 Birch Bay Drive.WIllo
12:15pm: Pub March along Birch Bay Drive

Upon Return from Pubs:
* Potato Toss on the Beach
* Bowl a Bobby Down
(Potato Roll in front of the Will’O Pub)

Eat Irish Bangers & Mashed Potatoes, Drink Guinness,
Talk Story & Play Darts

Come and be Irish for the Day.

In partnership with :



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Invitation to Wings Over Water Festival Opening Reception Friday, March 14, 2014

Wings over Water Invitation Please forward to all your colleagues, friends and family. It’ll be a great night!

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Reflective Comments On Birding and Wings Over Water

The following reflective comments were provided by Pat Alesse, someone who has been an anchor here in Birch Bay……..

MaleEagleWhen I was a teenager, an older gal named Mabel James, from Akron, New York, got a hold of me and sent me on a path of learning about the environment and of our place in it. She gathered up a bit of money and sent me on a trip to Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania. It was quite a birding adventure.

One of the first books she had me read was The Web of Life. It was a 1950’s work on the interdependence of all forms life on our planet.

Landing 01

Miss James was concerned about the earth and man.  She tried to impress on everyone the importance of taking care of the earth. “Pat,” Miss James impressed on me, “if we take care of the Earth, it will take care of us.”

I got the message!….I replied to her, “Miss James, if we don’t take care of the earth, it will take care of us.”

I might add, if man is the measure of all things, it’s our time to measure up.  One way is to help the next generation learn about their environment in the Pacific Northwest through birding, especially along our 15 plus miles of shoreline.

Patrick Alesse, Birch Bay, Washington


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